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Welcome to the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) website. The aim of this page is to show an overview of our recent work and present some important news. For more information about the PCR-RCP Canada, go to the Presentation section.

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update: 2013/08/16

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The Partisan is a revolutionary communist newspaper that defends the interests of the working class. Across the board, both nationally and internationally, Partisan condemns the dominant ideology and takes a solid stand in favor of socialism and revolution. It supports acts of resistance from the proletariat and oppressed peoples and popularizes revolutionary actions that attack the very heart of the exploitative capitalist system.

The Partisan was launched by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)—a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that fights for a genuine revolutionary change. It is supported and widely circulated by activists who uphold the revolution, including comrades from Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committees of both Toronto and Ottawa. Distributed widely and free of charge, the Partisan is part of a conscious effort to reach out to and organize the proletarian masses in the workplaces and neighborhoods where they are too often ignored by the traditional and institutionalized left.

Articles from the Partisan are available online at:

update: 2013/07/19

Massive Hunger Strike in U.S. Prisons

On July 8, over 30,000 prisoners in California, as well as Oregon and Washington, started a hunger strike to protest the conditions of solitary confinement that many of them are subject to. This massive protest echoes the historical hunger strike that was observed two years ago at Pelican Bay State Prison. Among their demands—which are very modest—hunger strikers are calling for an end to the use of indefinite solitary confinement as well as the abolishment of CDCR’s notorious “debriefing policy” which compels them to inform on other prisoners as a condition of release from solitary.

–> Read this article from the Partisan.

–> To find out more on the hunger strike:

–> To get in touch with Montréal’s solidarity committee:

update: 2013/07/15

Ganti Pradam, Our Fallen Comrade

– Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) after the murder of Comrade Ganti Pradam

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) strongly condemns the murder of Comrade Ganti Pradam that occurred on July 5 in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, India. Comrade Pradam was shot by state-sanctioned assailants as he walked to a public meeting. Comrade Pradam was the All India Vice-President of the Revolutionary Democratic Front—a mass organization that fights against imperialist oppression and exploitation in India, the comprador bourgeoisie and feudal landlords. His assassination is part of the cowardly and vicious campaign waged by the Indian government under the name of “Operation Green Hunt” against the people’s movement that is fastly developing in that country. It is also in the context of widespread repression by the Indian state against activists, Dalits, Muslims and other minorities.

We say it is a cowardly campaign because the Indian government is fighting its “war” by arresting and killing political leaders and activists, murdering unarmed poor villagers in their homes, and even targeting legal, democratic organizations that have chosen to take the side of the people. But this war that has already claimed thousands of victims will fail to stop the revolution that is going on. As has been the case since the Naxalbari rebellion in 1967 the Indian state’s repeated waging of such suppression campaigns has seen each time a new generation of fighters take over and help the revolution to continue its march forward.

We extend our condolences to the family, relatives and comrades of Comrade Ganti Pradam, to the Revolutionary Democratic Front, and the whole revolutionary movement in India. We demand that light be shed on the circumstances of his assassination and that the authors of that crime be punished and subjected to people’s justice. We reiterate at the same time our commitment to carry out a broad campaign of solidarity and mobilize thousands of Canadians against the war on the people waged by the reactionary Indian state.

Honor the memory of Comrade Ganti Pradam!Nothing will stop the people’s revolution!

update: 2013/07/01

July 1st, International Day of Support to the People’s War in India

On July 1st, instead of celebrating the imperialist and colonialist Canadian state, the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) is taking part in the International Day of Support to the People’s War in India. We invite you to do the same by circulating this article from the latest issue of the Partisan, particularly among South Asian communities. You can also reproduce and circulate this flyer that includes excerpts from the two latest issues of the newspaper. And don’t forget to send your reports at

Support the People’s War in India, Oppose Operation Green Hunt!

– The Political Information Bureau

update: 2013/06/14

Revolutionary Youth and Students Conference:
Open Letter from the PCR-RCP Canada

On the occasion of this 2nd conference and on behalf of all the supporters of the Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire - Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) in Canada, we extend a red salute to the work accomplished over the course of the last few months, especially in mobilizing new forces and forming, within the student milieu, a movement of a new type —a movement that aims to unify the revolutionary forces. We hope this movement will multiply from one end of the country to the other. We recognize that efforts to build such an organization are in the earliest of stages, yet it is already a great achievement to begin tackling this task!

In this spirit and on this occasion of the 2nd Conference of the Revolutionary Youth and Students, comrades of the PCR-RCP submit the following analyses —however summary!— to the attention of all participants. We hope these analyses will enrich the discussions in the different workshops and unify comrades on a common understanding of the political context in which this conference undertakes its work.

–> Read the whole letter.

update: 2013/05/25

Second National Conference of
Revolutionary Youth and Students

Ottawa, June 15-16, 2013

How can students in Québec turn the massive student strike of 2012 into a revolutionary situation? How can students elsewhere mobilize their own struggles against reactionary student associations, the bourgeoisie, and their state? How can students put themselves in the service of the broader working class?

These questions, among others, will be discussed at the Second National Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students to be held June 15-16, 2013 in Ottawa. Here, we will consolidate the gains achieved since the first “Seize the Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path” conference. Here we will reaffirm our resolve to fight for Communism.

–> Details and registration form here.

update: 2013/05/05

May First Demonstration in Montréal:
The CLAC Took the Streets, Just As Planned!

This statement was issued by the CLAC (Convergence of Anti-Capitslist Struggles) a few hours after the brutal attack of the Montréal police against May First demo. Look for the Partisan next issue for a complete report on May First demos in Montréal, Québec City, Ottawa, Toronto and elsewhere. – Political Information Bureau.

–> CLAC statement.

* * *

If you got a Statement of Offence on May 1st, you need to oppose it now.

1. In the “Plea” section of the Reply Form, check “I plead Non Guilty.”

2. Sign and write the date.

3. On back, write: “I demand full disclosure of the evidence.” Don’t write anything else.

4. Send the form at: Cour municipale, C.P. 11046, Succ. Centre-ville, Montréal QC, H3C 4Y2; don’t forget to keep a copy for your own file.

If you want to be part of the group that will be defended by lawyer Denis Poitras, read the information and send your details by using the form appearing on this website.

update: 2013/05/01

May First 2013
International Statement

International statement from Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations for May First 2013:
“We must advance to further strengthen and give organisational form to proletarian internationalism. We must pursue the international unity of the communists in the world towards the construction of a new international organization to fight together against imperialism and reaction and march together towards a new Communist International, for socialism and communism.”

–> English.

–> French.

update: 2013/03/29

Solidarity against police repression in Montreal:
We will not submit to the municipal by-law P-6

With this public declaration, we assert our opposition to by-law P-6: we will continue to demonstrate without negotiating our demo routes with police, and we will systematically challenge all tickets that arise from this by-law.

–> Read the public statement and the updated list of supporters.

update: 2013/03/19

Revolutionary Students Denounce
the “Men’s Rights Activism”

Recently, University of Toronto has seen an upsurge of men’s rights activism (MRA). Warren Farrell travelled to the university to discuss his new book, The Myth of Male Power. His “in-depth” outline of male powerless has incited a new pro-men movement on our campus. [...] Instead of understanding economic hardship and political powerlessness as the manifestations of the capitalist order, in which increasing numbers of proletarians are forced to compete for crumbs, while the bourgeoisie reap record profits, MRAs categorically blame women for their losses of social, legal and economic status. We cannot tolerate this reactionary point-of-view!

–> Read this statement from the Revolutionary Students’ Movement.

update: 2013/03/15

Towards A Revolutionary May First

This Year, Let’s Hit the Bourgeoisie and Its Rotten System!

With the spring coming up, revolutionary activists who fight to overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with workers’ power are once again preparing to celebrate International Workers’ Day.

For 127 years, May First has been a moment for proletarians of all countries to come together, to count their forces and moreover demonstrate their opposition to the exploitative capitalist system and their desire to live in a society that will meet the needs of all. [...]

There is no better time than May First to express our anger and deploy resistance! In Montréal, the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles is about to launch its annual call for a street demonstration of May First and for making the whole day a time to fight against the bourgeoisie. The PCR-RCP Canada is fully supportive of this call and has already committed to make every effort to make it a success.

–> Read this article from the Partisan.

update: 2013/03/08

The PCR-RCP condemns the maneuvers
and harassment of the federal police

Wednesday, February 27, an alleged Revolutionary Communist Party sympathiser had his home searched for almost ten hours by police led by the RCMP and its dubious “Integrated National Security Team.” At the same time, another raid was taking place at the offices of the Association étudiante du cégep Lionel-Groulx (Lionel-Groulx College Student Association) in Sainte-Thérèse north of Montréal, where the RCMP seized most of the material necessary for the association’s day-to-day activities. The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) denounces these RCMP raids, along with any and all police activities currently being carried out against activists and their organizations, especially against revolutionary organizations struggling against the power of the big capitalists.

–> Read the statement.

update: 2013/02/22

Barricades Appear Against EI Changes
in Tracadie-Sheila, NB

It Is Right to Rebel!

The fight against the changes to Employment Insurance (EI) intensified recently in eastern Quebec and the Maritimes, with demonstrations taking place in several regions including Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean, Haute-Côte-Nord, Charlevoix and Gaspésie. In areas where many jobs are seasonal, people are already feeling the impact of the EI changes. Many people are facing what they call the “black hole” —the period during which employment insurance benefits are exhausted while they continue to wait to be recalled to their regular but seasonal jobs. The challenge now is to show that these changes will affect all workers across the whole country, and to mobilize accordingly.

–> Read this article from the Partisan.

update: 2013/02/04

Coffee Shop Series 1: Indigenous Solidarity

The Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC) is pleased to invite you to the first installment of its Coffee Shop Series.

Coming out of the Idle No More movement, the topic of solidarity with Indigenous nations is more pertinent than ever.

How do we build revolutionary alliances with these nations? What can settlers do to support these nations’ right to self determination? What can we do to challenge the Canadian state while also struggling against the comprador bourgeoisie —both on and off reserve?

We invite you to grab a coffee and share your thoughts on these issues this Saturday with Ottawa’s PRAC!

Saturday, February 9 at 2pm
Meeting at Tim Hortons’ 1611 Bank St., Ottawa.

–> Facebook event.

update: 2013/01/30

Website for Revolutionary Students

This website was launched to serve as a forum for discussion and debate among student revolutionaries, as per the resolution passed as the First National Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students initiated by the PCR-RCP in December of 2012. There, various revolutionary student organisations can post content ranging from position pieces, updates on campaigns, strategies, and whatever else. Revolutionary students should feel free to comment and debate what is posted. This forum will also serve as a basis of organisation for the next Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students, which is to be held in Ottawa in June of 2013.

New content will be added fairly frequently, and while there may be some lag in translations, most of the content here will be bilingual as well.

If your student organisation would like to participate in the Seize the Time effort, please email:

update: 2013/01/30

Build the Anti-Capitalist
Student Movement

Join the RSM for a public documentary screening on the activities of the far-left in the Quebec student struggle and open discussion to follow. Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 7 pm, OISE rm. 4410, Toronto.

The Quebec Student Strike of last year no doubt inspired and radicalized a generation of young people. As capitalists continue ravaging this earth, ruthlessly exploiting and attacking workers and poor people across the globe in its relentless drive to squeeze more & more profit for their greedy selves, this generation of youth –and in particular, working class youth– is left facing a bleak, harsh, and grim future. Students in Quebec mounted a fierce resistance against the capitalist agenda, first fighting against tuition fee hikes and then expanding the fight into a mass social struggle against the Liberal government. The utter defiance against the Quebec government’s repression and attempt to implement a special (emergency) law was a blow to bourgeois legality!

The Revolutionary Student Movement invite those who are fed up with the current state of student politics and who want to organize on a firmly anti-capitalist foundation to a free public documentary screening (with English subtitles) on the activities of far-left during the strike. We welcome discussion on the pitfalls of peaceful protests vs. the militant and sometimes violent actions that occurred over the course of the strike; on spontaneity and organization in the anti-capitalist struggle; on popular democracy in our schools and on our campuses. The RSM will present a report-back from the First National Conference for Students and Youth Activists, that took place in Toronto last December with the hope of rallying new forces to the cause!

Check us out on Facebook:

update: 2013/01/27

Again, Let’s Block the
'Plan Nord' Trade Show!

On February 8 and 9, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal will hold the second instalment of its “Plan Nord” Trade Show, renamed the “Natural Resources Trade Show” to avoid reminding the public of its failed first attempt at such a trade show held on April 20, 2012 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, in the middle of the Québec student strike.

Many recall that on this day, the police brutally pushed and charged protesters who wanted to condemn the plan of development of Northern Québec put forward by the Charest government. It was during this event that the Prime Minister made his infamous joke suggesting that students opposed to tuition fee increases should be deported to the North.

Since then, the Parti Québécois has replaced the Liberal Party at the head of the Québec state. While abandoning the name “Plan Nord,” the PQ still upholds pretty much the same plan of development as its predecessor, to the benefit of transnational corporations and without any consideration for the territorial rights of indigenous nations. A call is currently circulating to hold another demonstration like the one last year “to prevent the government from destroying the land in order to fill the already-deep pockets of those who savagely exploit our resources.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) joins this call and will take part in the rally in front of the convention centre. However, we won’t protest against the so-called “theft of Québec's natural resources” nor to defend the territorial integrity and prerogatives of the imperialist Québec state. If we take the street, it will be to oppose the capitalist exploitation of resources and labour and at the same time to express our unconditional support to the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples.

Saturday, February 9 at 9:00 am
Rally outside the Palais des Congrès de Montréal
1001, Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle (metro Place d’Armes)

update: 2013/01/21

PCR-RCP Anniversary Party

Comrades, come rally!

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada). As a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, the PCR-RCP is committed to smashing capitalism through protracted people’s war and building true proletarian power through socialism. For more information on the program of the PCR-RCP, please visit

In order to celebrate the struggles and victories of the PCR-RCP throughout the past six years, we will be hosting a bar-night in the spirit of solidarity. Whether you are a supporter of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, or you’d like to learn more about the party, or you just want have a fun Friday night with good comrades, please join us this coming Friday January 25th in the basement of the Royal Oak (161 Laurier East, Ottawa), starting at 9 pm.

Until then, lal salaam!

update: 2013/01/11

Self-determination for the First Nations!

The emergence of the “Idle No More” movement combined with the hunger strike launched by the Chief of the Attawapiskat band council, Theresa Spence put the liberation struggle of the First Nations back at the forefront of Canadian politics. As the year 2013 begins, this is certainly good news for all those who are oppressed by the Canadian bourgeoisie.

–> Read this article from the Partisan.

update: 2013/01/04

Statement from the PCR-RCP Canada
for the 7th National Congress of the
Communist Party of Nepal–Maoist

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee and the whole rank and file of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada), please convey our warmest revolutionary greetings to all the comrades who are taking part in the historical 7th National Congress of your Party. Even though we cannot be physically present in Kathmandu, we are still with you in the struggle and want to reaffirm you our full solidarity...

–> Read the whole statement.

update: 2012/12/29

The Partisan Fundraiser

For close to two years, the Partisan newspaper has consistently defended the interests of the working class. Across the board, both nationally and internationally, Partisan condemns the dominant ideology and takes a solid stand in favor of socialism and revolution. It supports acts of resistance from the proletariat and oppressed peoples and popularizes revolutionary actions that attack the very heart of the exploitative capitalist system.

The Partisan was launched by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) —a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that fights for a genuine revolutionary change. It is supported and widely circulated by activists who uphold the revolution, including comrades from Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committees of both Toronto and Ottawa. Distributed widely and free of charge, the Partisan is part of a conscious effort to reach out to and organize the proletarian masses in the workplaces and neighborhoods where they are too often ignored by the traditional and institutionalized left.

We invite our readers as well as those who support this initiative to contribute financially to Partisan’s expansion. In 2012, thanks to the initiative of our supporters in Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City, we collected more than $2,500 that will help to increase and expand our circulation. In 2013, we want more people to have the chance to read and distribute the Partisan. While expanding its distribution in Quebec and Ontario, we want to send thousands of copies to the Maritimes and Western Canada. Day after day, fight after fight, the Partisan must become an organizational tool for regrouping proletarians who hope for the revolution.

You can contribute to this fundraising campaign in various ways:

• by giving your contribution in person to the distributors of this newspaper;

• by sending a check or money order by mail (payable to the “Bureau d’information politique”): 1918, rue Frontenac, Montreal QC H2K 2Z1;

• by depositing your donation at the Maison Norman Bethune —a communist bookstore located at 1918 Frontenac Street in Montreal;

• by making an online donation.

Want to help with circulating the Partisan? Contact us right now!

And thank you for your support.

update: 2012/12/18

Beginning of the Preliminary Inquiry
of the May 1st 2011 Defendants

The preliminary inquiry of the four comrades who were arrested after the anti-capitalist May 1st demonstration in 2011 began on December 10th and 11th at the Montréal courthouse. It will continue next January 28th at 2pm after what the judge will determine which legal steps will be taken. The trial itself —if there is— is not likely to happen before the end of next year.

The prosecution introduced its four first witnesses —all of them being cops from the Montréal police (a member of the SPVM’s “Mediation Team,” the commandant in charge of the demo and two officers who took part in the events that ended by a clash between the demonstrators and half a dozen of cops).

We can conclude from their testimonies:

1. That the demonstration was going on peacefully and no serious incidents had been reported.

2. That the police had noted the presence of a Revolutionary Communist Party contingent.

3. That a well-known activist was spotted and eventually targeted by the police because a) he was loudly shouting slogans against police presence in the demo and b) at some point, he was walking in the opposite direction of the demo, while taking pictures for the Partisan newspaper (we often hear the police complaining that demos are sometime running against traffic direction, but this is the first time we hear them blaming a protester for walking in the opposite direction of other demonstrators also marching on foot!).

4. And finally, that the officers who received the order of arresting that activist have never been informed of the reason for the arrest and that they acted in a totally improvised manner.

We’ll certainly learn more details with the further testimonies to come.

Meanwhile, we want to thank all those who reaffirmed their solidarity with the defendants.

update: 2012/12/07

No to Political Repression!
Free Our Comrades!

The four comrades who were arrested after the anti-capitalist May 1st demonstration in 2011 will undergo their preliminary inquiry on December 10th at the Montréal courthouse. The judge will determine which legal steps will be taken after this, once it is determined whether there is sufficient evidence for holding a trial. Recall that on June 29th, 2011, the Anti-Gang unit of the Montréal Police’s Organized Crime Division raided the homes of and arrested four political activists they suspected of being part of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada), in connection with an incident that occurred at the May 1st demonstration organized by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC Montréal). Police officers were allegedly injured when protesters opposed a provocative attempt to arrest one of the Partisan’s photographers, who was apparently shouting anti-police slogans too loudly. The four comrades are facing serious criminal charges, including “assault with a weapon,” “assaulting a police officer,” “obstruction of justice” and “possession of a weapon with intent to cause harm.”

–> Read this update from the Partisan.

update: 2012/12/07

Revolutionary Students
‘Seize the Time’ at First Conference

December 1st and 2nd, 2012, saw the first conference of revolutionary youth and students convened in Toronto. Initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party and titled, “Seize the Time; Blaze a Revolutionary Path,” the conference brought together revolutionary students from Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph, Montréal, Sainte-Thérèse, Québec City and Rimouski —as well as comrades from New York and Boston— to discuss perspectives for revolutionary student organizing both in Québec and English Canada.

–> Read this report from the Partisan.

update: 2012/12/04

Internationalists Gather in Hamburg
in Support of the People’s War in India

–> UPDATE (2012/12/18): Read the statement from the PCR-RCP (Canada).

On the 24th of November the International Conference in Support of the People’s War in India took place in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Following the joint Call of the International Committee to Support of the People’s War in India and the Hamburg based League Against Imperialist Aggression, internationalists form different parts of the world came together to exchange views on how to develop the international work in support of the struggle of the Indian people against imperialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism. Delegations, organizations and individuals from Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Columbia, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Italy, Kurdistan, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Galicia and Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and many other countries participated in the Conference, in addition to messages from India, Tunisia, Nepal… Some 300 persons attended the event.

–> Read the press release including the list of participants.

update: 2012/11/26

Seize The Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path!

1st National Conference of the Students and Youth: December 2012, Toronto, Canada
Parti communiste révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada)

Seize the Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path!, a conference hosted by the PCR-RCP, will take place on the first weekend of December. Our ultimate aim is to unite the revolutionary students and proletarian youth in building a militant force of young people capable of intervening in and advancing the proletarian class struggle in Canada. The current social and economic conditions are very ripe for and demand the building of a coordinated front that will organize and mobilize revolutionary students and proletarian youth on the basis of anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, and revolutionary politics.

Since it is intended to be small and somewhat private, and so far has been arranged on an invite-only basis, anyone interested in participating should contact for specific details.

A small brochure of the event’s focus is available here.

update: 2012/10/08

In Commemoration of the Death of Comrade Hafiz

–> Read this statement from the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan.

To the Central Committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan:

Dear comrades,

It is with sadness and deep emotion that we learned of the death of Comrade Hafiz, a Central Committee member of your Party and a dedicated activist and veteran of the communist movement of Afghanistan and the international communist movement.

The death of a comrade is always a loss for our movement, and it is even more when it occurs in a context like the one we face today in Afghanistan, where resistance to imperialist occupation is unfolding and requires a solid ideological, political and organizational leadership that puts the interests of the proletariat and the masses above anything else.

Everywhere in the world, the proletariat and the oppressed peoples are resisting the crisis of capitalism and the wars of aggression waged by the big imperialist powers. The aspiration to revolution and to a world free from any kind of oppression and exploitation has perhaps never been as extended as it is now.

On May 1st 2012, together with the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Naxalbari) and the Maoist Communist Party – Italy, your Party issued an important call to build a new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist international organization. There is no doubt that the rich experience of Comrade Hafiz with the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) will inspire and serve the formation of such an organization that our movement urgently needs.

There is no better way to pay tribute to Comrade Hafiz than to work for consolidating the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties where they exist, for building such parties in every country of the world, for unfolding the world proletarian revolution and building the international organization we need for leading it.

Please convey our deepest condolences to all relatives and friends of Comrade Hafiz, to his comrades, members and supporters of your Party.

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)
October 8, 2012

–> Message of condolence in Farsi.

update: 2012/09/16

Support to the People’s War in India!

An international conference in support of the People’s War in India will be held on November 24 in Hamburg, Germany. A delegation from the PCR-RCP and the Partisan newspaper will take part in this important event, along with representatives from revolutionary parties and anti-imperialist organizations from a number of other countries.

As the organizers explain in the call they issued for the conference, India is often presented as an example of the benefits of capitalist development; in fact, the country is a hell for the popular masses: “While the wealth of the richest 53 people in the country is equal to 31% of GDP, 77% of the population live with an income of less than 20 rupees (approximately 40 cents) a day. Every day, 5,000 children die from starvation and malnutrition, that is almost two million child deaths per year.”

But the revolution is ongoing. Led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the people’s war is developing to a point it is now considered by the central government as the main threat to India’s national security. The people’s war mobilizes people by hundreds of thousands. It represents the hope of liberation for the popular masses.

The November 24 conference follows the International Week of Solidarity that was held last January. It is organized jointly by the International Committee of Support to People’s War in India and the Bündnis Gegen Imperialistische Aggression (Alliance Against Imperialist Aggression) from Germany. Its main objective is to foster support for the revolutionary masses in India and for their movement, which off which too little is known outside of South Asia. Follow the Partisan for more reports on the people’s war in India and the preparation of the international conference!

update: 2012/09/15

People’s Victory Against the Québec Bourgeoisie:
An Assessment

The 6-month long mass movement in Québec seems to have succeeded in stopping the austerity program of the bourgeoisie. This is a genuine people’s victory that we must celebrate. But this victory will be inevitably challenged by the ruling class. Those who want to fight until final victory for people’s rights must organize for a revolutionary perspective.

–> Read those notes from the Political Information Bureau (in French).

update: 2012/08/24

Filipino Canadian Proletarians Join Forces
With the PCR-RCP!

We, the Filipino Canadian Proletarian Committee of Cote-des-Neiges, Montréal have announced our intention to add our forces to the growing strength of the Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada). The leadership and contributions of the PCR-RCP are to be found in the building of the proletarian movement that is needed in Canada and the necessary international communist movement and it is with revolutionary pride and social responsibility to the Canadian working class that Filipino Canadian proletarians based in the west end of Montréal join the dynamism of their Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades.

–> Read the whole statement.

update: 2012/08/10

Overthrowing the System: The Best Protection Against Gun Violence

The “Scarborough shootings” of Shyanne Charles, 14, and Joshua Yasay, 23, in gang fire at a block party this summer in Toronto have been met with the familiar explanations and calls for solutions.

From the right who call for tougher laws to the social democrats, who believe in a “softer” form of capitalism and want more funding for community programs and more gun regulation, both are superficial and knee-jerk in their analyses. Indeed, their understanding of what it means to be a black youth and the reality for racialized communities never goes beyond their immediate response to gun deaths turned media-spectacle.

–> Read more.

update: 2012/08/01

Time to Build Political Action Committees in Every Neighborhood!

– A Call From the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP)

Let’s reject capitalism and its worthless parliament!
Now is the time to organize People’s Power!

Québec’s governing Liberals have finally “dropped the writ” and triggered an election, after months of popular mobilization and a student strike of unprecedented size and depth. The scale of this struggle and the way it has spread across various sectors of society are exemplary. It has revealed the widespread sickness of this society and a massive rejection of bourgeois politics by a significant section of workers and youth.

–> Read more.

update: 2012/07/08

Québec: Continue the strike! Refuse the electoral trap!

After several months during which the conflict between the students and the Québec government has dragged on, it is now clear that the latter never really wanted to negotiate with the student unions. As the crisis grew, the more the government maintained its positions and hid behind its guard dogs (this is the role of the police and justice system under capitalism).

For more than three months, all sorts of manipulation strategies were used by the government to defeat the student movement. First, the government sought to stigmatize the CLASSE (the most militant student union) and its spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. Then, it made phony offers, without ever considering any serious concession on tuition fees. Finally, when it turned out that nothing worked and that stopping the student strike was impossible, the government came out with a new special law, which closed the most militant campuses until mid-August.

Students must continue their strike in August. They should prepare to defy Bill 78, to make it unapplicable in practice. And if there is to be an election in September, suspending the strike is not an option. This would leave our fate in the hands of the bourgeoisie. If the bourgeoisie goes ahead with an election, we will have to respond with an offensive campaign that will affect the entire electoral circus. To the bourgeoisie we must say: No deal with student unions, then no election!

–> Read more.

update: 2012/07/08

Pride, Pigs and Profiteers - Not in the
communist road to queer liberation!

Many communist parties have embraced the wrong line with regards to queer liberation. Their erroneous understanding of homosexuality as a “bourgeois” phenomenon has lead many communist parties to a position that, at best, does not view queer and trans struggles as part of class struggle. Toronto’s Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC), however, believes that queer and trans liberation must be part of any proletarian revolution. The history of the gay liberation movement reveals the links between the struggle for queer and trans liberation and the struggle for communism.

–> Read more.

update: 2012/06/09

Down With the Odious Bill 78!

Down With the Odious Bill 78!
The mask of bourgeois democracy has fallen.
This law is unfair: fight to make it inapplicable!

On May 18, the Charest government revealed the true face of the parliamentary system and the bourgeois state. With Bill 78, it wants to restrict the freedom of speech, the right to oppose government decisions and the right to fight to change things... It allows us only one day of “democracy” every four years.

If workers, students and the oppressed people really had the right to speak every day of their life and to take part in political decisions, the world would have changed long time ago. For it to remain as it is, the bourgeois state needs to impose its laws by force; it needs to silence those who disagree as soon as they express themselves, to prevent others from following their example.

–> Read more.

update: 2012/05/27

Seize The Time! Blaze a Revolutionary Path!

1st National Conference of the Students and Youth: October 2012, Toronto, Canada
Parti communiste révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada)

It is Right to Rebel

From the Arab Spring, to the UK riots and the #Occupy movements in North America, exploited workers and oppressed masses continue taking the streets. To tackle the economic crisis they created, capitalists and their lackey governments ruthlessly attack and further impoverish the majority of working and poor people. While this minority of the rich and powerful —intent on protecting their obscene profits and lavish lifestyle— gorges itself on the exploitation and immiseration of workers, the vast majority of the world’s population must toil for the most basic necessities to sustain life. “Where there is oppression,” said Mao Zedong, “there is resistance.”

At the forefront of these popular struggles, youth from the proletariat and popular classes are rising up against the authority of the ruling regimes. Radicalized students are leaving their classrooms to struggle with the masses in the streets.It is not difficult to see why. In this latest “age of austerity,” young people from these social strata —who are poor, recent immigrants, undocumented migrants, racialized, and especially those belonging to the First Nations— face further deterioration of their life conditions. In an aggressively imperialist state like Canada, unemployment for those between 15 to 24 years of age is over 17%; that’s more than double the national unemployment rate! Poor, unemployed and underemployed youth —a significant portion of what Karl Marx called the “reserve army of labour”— are criminalized and incarcerated at alarming rates. On or off the job, our quality of life is miserable. Riots and mass rebellions —triggered by racist pig murders and brutal state repression— are the expression of justified rage against this exploitative and crisis-ridden capitalist system. But to give this degenerating system the shove it deserves, we must collectively organize our rage and arm ourselves with revolutionary ideology and politics.

–> Read more.

update: 2012/05/26

Settler-colonialism, Red Power
and Revolutionary Politics

On Wednesday, May 9, comrades from Toronto’s Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee and its youth division the Revolutionary Student Movement presented an evening with Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a longtime activist in the American Indian Movement and the International Indigenous Movement. Dr. Dunbar-Ortiz spoke on the rise of the Red Power Movement, which rapidly developed in the wake of Third World national liberation struggles after World War II, and the significant influence of Marxism-Leninism, as well as Maoism, on the national question.

Audio recording of this event is now available. To listen, click the appropriate section below:

–> Introduction by PRAC/RSM and revolutionary greetings from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (PCR-RCP Canada).

–> Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s talk.

–> Question and Answer period.

Revolutionary greetings from the PCR-RCP Canada are also available here.

update: 2012/05/02

A Call for Rebuilding the RIM

Since the disappearance of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), revolutionary communists no longer have an international organization to gather, discuss and develop their common struggle against the global capitalist/imperialist system. On the occasion of May 1st 2012, three former RIM members —the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Naxalbari) and the Maoist Communist Party – Italy— issued two important resolutions calling for an international conference of Maoist parties and organizations. The PCR-RCP Canada supports any attempts to reorganize the revolutionary forces on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
Read the resolutions:

–> 1st Resolution passed by the Special Meeting of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement – May First 2012.
–> 2nd Resolution passed by the Special Meeting of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement for an International Conference of the MLM Parties and Organizations of the world – May First 2012.

update: 2012/05/01

«May Day 2012 -
To overcome the crisis of capitalism,
proletarian revolution is the only solution!»

“We must fight in a situation of uneven development to end the capitalist system over the whole world and build a new world free from exploitation, from peoples’ oppression and deadly wars, for a socialist and communist world.

We must work to rebuild the international organization of communists, based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; we must apply MLM to the concrete reality of today, to jointly develop the struggle for revolution and establishing a Communist International of a new type.”

International Statement of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organization for May Day 2012:

–> English version (HTML) (PDF).

–> Version française (PDF).

–> Spanish version.

–> German version.

–> Italian version.

update: 2012/04/14

Québec Student Strike:
Resist and Fight Until the End!

On Saturday, April 14, more than 40,000 people took to the streets in Montréal to protest university tuition fee increase and support what is now the biggest student strike in the whole Canada’s history.

Students are courageously persisting in their struggle while facing daily and brutal attacks by the cops and the “justice” system. Workers must support them by all means at their disposal!

–> Read this statement (in French) from the PCR-RCP Political Information Bureau.

update: 2012/04/06

A Call for May First 2012:
Down With Capitalism! Long Live Socialism!

International Workers’ Day is without doubt the most significant political event for the proletariat and revolutionary activists in Canada and elsewhere. Let’s celebrate International Workers’ Day as it was meant to be celebrated! Let’s make of May 1st a great day of struggle and resistance —a chance to come together, to gather our forces and express our desire for a genuine liberation and socialist revolution! On May 1st 2012, proletarian internationalism should live!

–> A call from the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Partisan newspaper.

–> French.

–> Spanish.

–> Farsi.

–> Arabic.

–> Montréal Poster (English version).

–> Montréal Poster (French version).

update: 2012/04/01

The People Will Defeat Imperialism!
– A call to join the May 1st Anti-Capitalist Demonstration in Montreal

The capitalist crisis of the last few years opened up a new era of attack against the living conditions of the working class around the world. The CEOs, the bankers and bourgeois politicians launched a large offensive on many fronts:

• Layoffs and pay cuts creating massive unemployment;
• Budget cuts in social services and privatization of government owned companies;
• Increases in taxes and overall cost of living for households;
• Cuts to pension plans;
• State control by finance capital of bankrupt governments, like in Greece;
• Tighter control of immigration policies and a rise in anti-immigrant propaganda.

Everywhere the crisis is an opportunity to deepen conditions of exploitation. The prosperity of the capitalist minority directly translates to the impoverishment of the majority: workers, the unemployed, workers with no status, aboriginals, vast numbers of oppressed peoples of which women constitute the majority.

The other side of the coin is that this era is also the era of rising revolts. In Asia, the Indian and Filipino people are waging revolutionary war. In the Arab world, people are rising up against tyrannical regimes. In Afghanistan, imperialism is losing footing despite 10 years of aggression. In the West, the youth found a momentum of fighting spirit and increasingly confront the police. The First Nations are struggling against the pillaging of their territories.

The blind aggression that world powers are seeking to bail out their system will have run its course. The growing contradiction between the people and the exploiters will escalate into major clashes until the defeat of the imperialists.

Here in Montreal, all forces determined to end oppression and exploitation are joining on May 1st for an anti-capitalist offensive protest.

Let’s join together to overthrow capitalism!
Forge a unity of people’s struggle all over the world!
Let’s march together behind the anti-imperialist banner in the May 1st anti-capitalist demonstration!Meeting point and time of the demonstration:

Meeting point and time of the demonstration:
Tuesday, May 1st at 4:30 pm at Champ-de-Mars metro station

A call endorsed by:
Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)
Kabataang Montreal
Support Committee for the February 20 Movement of Morocco

To join this call, please contact us:
1er.mai.2012 ...

–> PDF version for local printing.

update: 2012/03/13

“Our Struggle in Afghanistan Is Part
of the Global Struggle of the Oppressed…”

A few days ago, a visiting comrade representing the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan delivered an important speech in Toronto and Montréal. Here is a transcript of his talk for those who didn’t have the chance to attend. The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) reaffirms its support to the comrades from the C(M)PA and looks forward to be part of a new international center of Maoist parties and organizations.

update: 2012/03/09

Red Aid of Canada:
Defend Our Right to Protest!

On Wednesday, March 7, the police department of the City of Montreal has violently attacked a student action unfolding in front of the premises of the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (CREPUQ). It was only 15 minutes that students blocked the entrance to the building when the police brutally charged the demonstrators. A student of CEGEP St-Jerome has his right eye severely wounded after the police from short distance in his direction shot a stun grenade. By criticizing the student associations for not revealing their plans to the police, the bourgeois state is now attacking the right to demonstrate. To comply with the various pernickety rules invented to prevent demonstrations would mean for students to give up a weapon that could enable them to make gains against the Charest government.

–> Read the communiqué from the Red Aid of Canada (French only).

update: 2012/03/02

Support the Morocco Prisoners
From “La Voie Démocratique Basiste”

–> Update (March 2, 2012): Azzedine Eroussi’s hungerstrike.

Since 2008, intense struggles have been waged in Morocco to obtain the release of prisoners of the Baseist Democratic Way MLM (VDB MLM) and other political prisoners. They belong with union workers, the unemployed insurgents (Ifni) and the Sahrawi prisoners as “internal enemies” punished under the reactionary regime of Morocco. Their courage and determination to serve the interests of the people allowed their struggle beyond the borders of Morocco, despite the media blackout. This struggle resonates throughout the world, it serves as an example for all those who stand against the unjust order of the capitalists, feudal landlords and torturers.

–> Read the solidarity statement signed by a dozen of organizations including the PCR-RCP Canada (French only).

–> A rough translation of the statement is available on the Signalfire blog.

–> Download the campaign poster.

update: 2012/02/29

A Call to Working-Class Women:
Join the Revolutionary Struggle!

Capitalism is the main organizer and profiteer from women’s oppression. It feeds, maintains and perpetuates the old oppressive social relations as it enforces discrimination, sexism and wage inequality. Capitalism uses working women as a reserve army for part-time, temporary or low paid jobs. The aim of the class of owners of the means of production is profit, regardless of the havoc it causes and without regard to women’s needs, nor those of the entire population.

We demand the right to live in dignity, to participate fully in the organization of an egalitarian and classless society, without discrimination, without racism, without sexism, without exploitation of our bodies for sexual purposes and without degrading advertising. Our male comrades must fight with us to transform society so that women are respected and listened to.

We want a society that takes into account the interests of the vast majority of women, and therefore works for the betterment of everyone, not the enrichment of a few.

In oppressed countries like Nepal, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, as in the imperialist countries like Italy or Canada, women participate in large numbers in fighting and revolutionary movements. They do this not only to free themselves from oppression and the old patriarchal traditions, but also to make revolution and throw out the imperialist exploiters and the puppet governments. Their courage and determination should serve as an example.

The Proletarian and Revolutionary Feminist Front calls for support of International Women’s Day 2012 and participation in these two events in Montréal, organized by the Women of Diverse Origins collective (FDO-WDO):

The first event will be held on March 4: a day of seminars, workshops and cultural activities will run from 9am to 4:30pm at 6767 Côte-des-Neiges. The event will focus on women migrant workers and women whose communities have been destroyed by capitalism. Translation and child care will be available on site.

The annual March 8 demonstration will kick off at 6 pm at the Norman-Bethune Place at Guy-Concordia Metro. The demonstration will condemn women’s exploitation, especially by mining capitalists. The Proletarian and Revolutionary Feminist Front will have a contingent present.

• In Toronto, the Revolutionary Student Movement is holding a wworkshop on Revolutionary Proletarian Feminism, on Wednesday, February 29.

update: 2012/02/05

Week of Solidarity with the Revolution in India

As part of the global Week of Solidarity with the Revolution in India, a rally was held in Ottawa on January 21st. Demonstrators led by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (PCR-RCP) marched through the streets of Vanier, a working class neighbourhood.

The Week of Solidarity with the Revolution in India was called for by the International Committee in Support to the People’s War in India, which regroups various Maoist, anti-imperialist and democratic forces. It happened a few weeks after the brutal killing and torture of Indian Maoist leader Kishenji. Revolutionaries marched to the Indian high commission and expressed support for the Indian Revolution and outrage at the anti-people actions of the Indian government and the atrocities brought about by Operation Green Hunt, an anti-Maoist offensive.

Upon reaching the high commission, speeches were given by members of the PCR-RCP as well as the International League of Peoples’ Struggle. The demonstration ended with the singing of the Internationale, and then a second march away from the high commission. Among other groups that attended were the Marxist Students’ Associations of the University of Ottawa (UOMSA) and Carleton University (CMSA), the Toronto-Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC) and the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM).

Estimates of the PCR-RCP suggested that around 75 people participated in the rally, with several joining en-route. This demonstration was one of more than 100 actions that took place around the world as part of the week of solidarity. Demonstrators suggested that it was important for them as Canadian revolutionaries to not only show support for the struggling masses of India but also to challenge Canadian imperialism at home, which seeks to halt anti-imperialist movements in India and elsewhere. Lal Salaam!

–> Video from the demonstration: Part 1Part 2Part 3.

–> Report from the Toronto-Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee.

update: 2011/12/10

Comrade Kishenji’s Death Leads Us to Mourn,
His Life Inspires Us to Fight!

On November 24th, 2011, the cowardly Indian state tortured Mallojula Koteswara Rao, known popularly as comrade Kishenji, a member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)’s Central Committee and Politburo and murdered him in cold blood. Using yet another round of phony peace talks to lure him into their clutches, the vicious Indian state killed comrade Kishenji to further Operation Green Hunt —the predatory war they are waging against both the Naxalite Maoists and the tribal Adivasi people of India’s rural interior— and to keep the resource-rich areas in which Adivasis live and Maoists operate ripe for exploitation by Indian and transnational corporations alike.

Comrade Kishenji’s life was well-spent, dedicated to building the peoples’ war in northern and eastern India as a member of the central committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Peoples’ War). He also worked toward building unity among his party, the Maoist Communist Centre of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Party Unity), separate Maoist parties with whom the CPI(ML)(PW) often fought, and his work culminated in the unification of these three groups into the CPI (Maoist), known also as the Naxalites, the group now waging this heroic peoples’ war.

The authorities claim that the capture and killing of comrade Kishenji followed a two-hour gun battle. While this story is almost certainly false, given that there was not one reported casualty on the government side, it is telling that even in slander the tireless fighting spirit of this revolutionary hero shines through. The only believable story these murderers could concoct is that comrade Kishenji died fighting to the last breath for the liberation of his beloved people.

The allegation of torture came from his niece, P. Varvara Rao, who identified the body as her uncle’s and noted the presence of clear indicators of torture.

In retaliation for this affront, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has called for a week of protest, including meetings, rallies, road blocks and strikes across the country. His final rites, which also happened during this week, was attended by thousands to whom Kishenji was a friend, comrade, and beloved inspiration.

This is not the first time the authorities have resorted to such underhanded tactics in their fight against the legitimate interests of the people. In July 2010, a similar ruse was used to ambush comrade Azad, another senior member of the CPI-Maoist’s Central Committee and Politburo.

That the heroic struggle of the Naxalites continues its forward march despite significant losses such as these shows that their strength, their source of power and inspiration is truly rooted in the people. It is the people and the people alone who can forever defeat the capitalist predators and establish a new society, a socialist society based on mutual liberation and solidarity. It is this power, the power of the working class and oppressed people to revolutionize society which the PCR-RCP is working to harness and organize into a force capable of making history. To comrade Kishenji, we offer up our most solemn red salute.

Lal Salaam!

–> Excerpt from the Partisan newspaper, published by the PCR-RCP Information Bureau.

–> Read the solidarity statement from Maoist parties and organizations.

update: 2011/11/23

A Political Defeat for the Canadian State

The conclusion of the judicial process against twenty activist accused of “conspiring” to derail the G20 summit in June 2010 in Toronto is a major political defeat for the Canadian state. The 17 accused who were still facing criminal charges have indeed entered into an agreement under which six of them have pleaded guilty to reduced charges in exchange for the dropping of all charges against the other ones. The most extensive repressive operation in the history of the Canadian state thus lamentably ends for the accusers. All-out repression, the more than a thousand arrests, court proceedings and systematic harassment against dozens of activists once again show how reactionary and hypocritical is the so-called “bourgeois democracy.” Those activists paid the high price for their commitment in fighting against all forms of oppression and exploitation. Still, six of them are facing prison sentences. It is already clear that their courage and integrity will continue to inspire people who look for a reversal of the dominant social order for a long time.

The PCR-RCP Political Information Bureau

–> Read the press release in which the 17 co-accused explained their decision.

update: 2011/11/17

Second Congress of the PCR-RCP:
A Party Dedicated to the Revolution

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) of Canada hosted its second congress this summer in Montréal, gathering its delegates and members. With a spirit of camaraderie and unity, the participants soberly took stock of the work done by the party since January 2007. And it is with enthusiasm that they adopted ambitious and exciting proposals not only to develop the party but more importantly to develop the mass mobilization around a genuine revolutionary project in Canada.

–> Read the full report.

update: 2011/10/28

Why We Left Occupy Ottawa

– Joint statement from University of Ottawa Marxist Student Association [uOMSA]
and PCR-RCP Ottawa –

Throughout the following statement, we’ll do our best to keep things short and concise. It’s been a tumultuous few days and even now piecing together a narrative out of the events that transpired is difficult. Nonetheless we’ll try and do the following: 1) give a background to our own involvement in Occupy Ottawa; 2) give a narrative of the difficulties we faced; and 3) offer constructive suggestions as to what needs to be fixed in the camp.

–> Read the whole statement from the uOMSA and Ottawa’s PCR-RCP.

update: 2011/10/16

From Indignation to Revolution

– A Call for Socialism from the Revolutionary Communist Party –

All around the world our societies are in crisis. This is something obvious. On the one hand, the economy is collapsing; on the other, outraged peoples of the world are rising up en masse. From one continent to another, a righteous anger rises and spreads.

The conditions for a social explosion are ripening —a rare opportunity for those aspiring towards a better world.

What kind of movement do we need?

The first obstacle rearing itself in the wind of popular protest is the possibility of being led astray, into dead ends. Several have suggested that we —the oppressed and indignant of the world— take part in a moral crusade against the “abuses and excesses” of those in power. Fundamentally, this view dismisses the idea that the problems are deeply structural; rather the solution lies in removing a few bad apples!

It is therefore a huge waste of good will to moralize over this corrupt politician or that greedy speculator. This moralistic approach is akin to mitigating the symptoms rather than correctly diagnosing and curing the disease. Rescuing capitalist society through reforms will not help us shed the illusion of “democracy” embodied in these woeful parliamentary spectacles. The pillars of our so-called civilization are crumbling. Let us stop supporting them and hasten their collapse. We can aim for and achieve much better than a reformed capitalism.

Behind the symptoms are the root causes of injustice and crisis.

We live under capitalism. This seems an obvious statement, but there are grave consequences for the people. The entirety of our society is organized according to a blind and tyrannical objective: the rapacious accumulation of profits. This race to accumulate capital is fueled by the exploitation of workers and the squandering of natural resources. Capitalism ultimately benefits a minority —a social class composed primarily of bosses, bankers and politicians.

Capitalist accumulation determines the rates of employment and unemployment (through the creation of a vast reserve army of labourers), wages, forced migration, state budgets and so on. It disregards the livelihoods of our friends and families, breaks up strikes and unions, lays industrial waste in our rivers, triggers wars and colonizes peoples. Since 2008, this system of capitalist accumulation painfully and violently plunged the world into deep economic and social crises.

The laws of capitalism —not simply the excesses of this or that institution or individual— are the true sources of injustice from which we need to free ourselves. Our future lies in their disappearance.

We want a future where working people collectively determine a planned economy through truly democratic processes. In other words, we want a society not where production is geared towards the accumulation of capital, but production geared toward the needs of the entire human population instead. This will ensure that everybody will enjoy the right to decent living conditions, where everybody can develop their creative capacities. Only Communism can bring about such a society.

How to break with the capitalist system?

Like all outdated modes of production and political regimes, capitalism will also disappear. Historically, it has had its day and that is why it is everywhere overwhelmed by increasing difficulties. Unfortunately, capitalism cannot simply be reduced to a system of abstract and anonymous economic laws. It is not just an outdated idea that we can simply refute in our minds. It is also the real domination of a powerful ruling class —the bourgeoisie— that owns the means of production and they are ever more determined to avoid being swept away from the stage of history. This reactionary ruling class will inflict on us every possible crisis rather than give up its privileges.

The basis on which we will crush capitalism and its injustices is necessarily that of the class struggle. History cannot progress until the final defeat of the bourgeoisie by the proletarian class, the workers subjugated under capitalist domination and exploitation.

The revolution is to be built by the action we are taking today.

Despite being engulfed in economic crises, the bourgeoisie remains a tough opponent. This class controls production, finance, and corporate media. Above all, the bourgeoisie relies on a state that is shaped by and defends its interests. And despite what many would like to believe, even though it is minority class, it is certainly more than 1% of the population and has many faithful servants! Only a socialist revolution can isolate, disarm, and get rid of such a parasitical class.

A revolution does not just happen, nor does it triumph by chance. A revolution is the product of a conscious and long-term struggle led by thousands of proletarian people, people that are as ordinary as they are heroic. People who make the first decisive action to engage in the struggle.

Some proposals we can uphold right now are:

1) To discuss and share our collective problems and to convince those around us of the necessity of class struggle in order to radically transform society. We need to combat systems of oppression, such as sexism, racism, and all forms of chauvinisms aimed at dividing the camp of the people.

2) To organize in our workplaces, our schools and our neighborhoods by establishing committees for socialist revolution. Such committees could serve as the basis for circulating revolutionary ideas: by distributing newspapers and leaflets, by organizing events and actions, for example denouncing public services cuts, acting in solidarity with strikers, occupying a factory, responding to racial profiling by the police and ‘justice’ system, acting against a polluting industry, etc.

3) To build the revolutionary organization capable of uniting the proletariat and leading the fight for socialism.

In Montréal: To discuss or get involved, comme see the PCR-RCP comrades at the Maison Norman Béthune bookstore (1918, rue Frontenac, near the Frontenac metro station), or write at info (at)

update: 2011/09/21

Together Against Political Repression

(September 21, 2011) This statement was issued yesterday morning by Montreal’s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC), when the four comrades who have been charged with various counts following their participation in the May First demonstration appeared in Court. The date of their preliminary hearing has been set for December 10-11… 2012! Solidarity will go on in the months to come until we win their complete liberation.

We strongly condemn the most recent repressive offensive by the Montreal police (SPVM) whose aim is to criminalize, intimidate and isolate several political organizations. We also condemn the formation of a political police squad (entitled “GAMMA”), which is a unit of the SPVM’s organized crime division.

We are not preoccupied about whether the formation of GAMMA was planned long in advance, or whether it’s just another police blunder. We know very well that political profiling did not begin with the GAMMA squad, and it won’t end with its abolition; just as we know that the Eclipse squad1 does not target “street gangs” as much as youth of colour.

In a context of the tightening grip of capitalism and the deepening marginalization of social movements and political groups, it’s essential to take action against all attacks against our communities. If we let them attack one community, they will have free reign to target all social movements. Against the strategy of divide-and-rule, we must unite!

Our freedom of association, demonstration and speech is not only legal but legitimate. Our freedom to dissent is not something we beg for, but something we assert daily.


- the economic and political elites hide behind a bankrupt pseudo-democratic system to profit themselves at exponential speed;
- this parasitic elite must justify its antisocial policies by increasing repression;
- that the various police agencies act as barrier to the mobilization and revolt of people against an unjust system;
- that the various police agencies not only protect their own abuses, but are political actors in destabilizing social movements;

• We denounce any political role by the SPVM and other police agencies.
• We denounce the criminalization and stigmatization of political dissidence and our opinions.
• We denounce all forms of political, racial or social profiling.
• We denounce all efforts to smear our movements.

By signing this statement, we are also engaging not to collaborate, in any way whatsoever, with police agencies in their tactics of division, profiling, snitching and dividing political movements.

Initial list of signatories:

[Organizations] Association de défense des droits sociaux du Montréal-métropolitain (ADDS-MM); Association facultaire étudiante de science politique et droit de l’UQAM (AFESPED-UQAM); BASICS Community News Service-Toronto; Centre d’appui aux Philippines / Centre for Philippine Concerns (CAP-CPC); Centre de ressources éducatives et communautaires pour adultes (CRÉCA); Centre des femmes d’ici et d’ailleurs (CFIA); la Coalition Justice pour Anas; Collectif opposé à la brutalité policière (COBP); Comité des sans-emploi (CSE); Comité pour un Secours rouge canadien; L’En-Droit de Laval; Fédération de l’Union communiste libertaire (UCL); Fédération des locataires d’habitations à loyer modique du Québec (FLHLMQ); Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU); Groupe de recherche et d’intérêt public (GRIP-UQAM); Illusion-Emploi-Sherbrooke; Immigrant Workers Center (IWC-CTI); Librairie anarchiste l’Insoumise; International League of People’s Struggles – Canada; Mouvement Action-Chômage de Montréal (MAC-Montréal); Mouvement autonome et solidaire des sans-emploi (MASSE); Mouvement d’éducation populaire autonome et d’action communautaire du Québec (MÉPACQ); No One Is Illegal-Montréal (NOII); Pointe libertaire; POPIR Comité logement; Projet accompagnement et solidarité Colombie (PASC); Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP Canada); Red and Anarchists Skinheads - Montréal (RASH Montréal); Réseau de la Commission populaire (RCP); Réseau du Forum social de Québec Chaudière-Appalaches; Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes (RQGE); Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at Concordia; Société bolivarienne du Québec; Solidarité populaire Estrie; Solidarité sans frontières (SSF).

[Individuals] Janik Bastien Charlebois, professeure de sociologie (UQAM); Francis Dupuis-Déri, professeur de science politique (UQAM); Eric Pineault, professeur de sociologie (UQAM); Alain-G. Gagnon, professeur de science politique (UQAM); Marie Nathalie LeBlanc, présidente, Société canadienne d'anthropologie/Canadian Society for Anthropology (CASCA), professeure de Sociologie (UQAM); François Gauthier, professeur de sciences des religions (UQAM); Lawrence Olivier, professeur de science politique (UQAM); Eve Paquette, professeure de sciences des religions (UQAM); Marc-André Éthier, professeur (Université de Montréal); Michel Seymour, professeur de philosophie (Université de Montréal); Laurent McFalls, professeur de science politique (Université de Montréal); Rémi Bachand, professeur de sciences juridiques (UQAM); Christian Vanasse, conseiller municipal, St-Jude; Hans Marotte, avocat; Jacques Beaudoin, avocat; Sibel Ataogul, avocate; Dominique Caouette, professeur de science politique, directeur, Centre d’études de l’Asie de l’Est (CETASE) Université de Montréal.

An updated version of the list of signatories is available at

[1] [Ed.] The Eclipse squad was established in 2008 by the SPVM with the official objective of fighting street gangs. It rapidly became notorious for its systematic racial profiling practices.

update: 2011/07/05

Political Arrests in Montréal

-> NEW: The communique from the RCP Information Bureau is now available in Russian language.

Update (07/18/11): The four defendants appeared again this morning at the Montreal Palais de Justice. As expected, the prosecution has requested —and won— a hardening of their release conditions. The defendants will have to abstain to take part in any 'non-peaceful' demonstration or leave any demonstration that would become illegal. They will also have to refrain from carrying placards, flags or sticks. Two of them will also have to refrain from wearing a scarf, a mask or carrying a backpack if they participate in a demonstration. The next court date was set for Tuesday, September 20.

Update (07/13/11): The four individuals who have been arrested and charged went in court this morning. The Crown disclosed its evidence to the defendants. It also asked for a hardening of their release conditions. The hearing was then postponed to Monday, July 18.

-> Arrestations politiques à Montréal (version française).

-> Arrestaciones políticas en Montreal (versión en español).

-> Arresti politici a Montreal (versione italiana).

Montréal, July 5th — On June 29th, 2011, the Anti-Gang unit of the Montréal Police Service’s Organized Crime Division arrested four political activists —including Patrice Legendre, a communist worker and supporter of the RCP. The police searched their homes and arrested them in connection with the most recent May First demonstration, organized by Montréal’s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC). Nearly 30 officers were involved in the operation, which occurred early in the day.

According to the investigator who headed the whole operation, nine officers were injured, some seriously, during an altercation at the May First demonstration. More on the demonstration is available in issue 3 of the communist newspaper Partisan. The four activists who were arrested were detained and then released on a promise to appear on July 13 at 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Montréal. They have been charged with a number of offenses, from “assault with a weapon” to “assaulting a police officer,” “obstruction of justice” and “possession of a weapon with intent to cause harm.”

During the May First demonstration in the streets of Montréal, at which nearly 1,500 people were in attendance, the police provoked an altercation by trying to arrest, for reasons unknown, a militant who was widely known as the photographer for Partisan newspaper. As one would expect, dozens of protesters responded by confronting the police, telling them to release the activist they were trying to arrest. Obviously unprepared, the police chose to retreat.

The operation on June 29th was clearly carried out with very little basis. The content of the interrogation to which the arrested activists were subjected as well as the presence of an investigator from the “Integrated National Security Enforcement Team” suggests that there were other motives behind the operation.

First, we can assume the arrests were motivated by revenge, as the police will always want to “get back” at those who cause them to suffer a defeat —as was the case at the May First demonstration, where demonstrators stopped them from arbitrarily and inexcusably arresting one of the activists involved. The cops had egg on their faces and somebody needed to pay for it. Without any evidence to go on, the police decided to go after a few well-known activists, some of whom express their views openly. The demonstration was used as a pretext to criminalize their political involvement and, what’s more, the communist views they defend. Recall that in recent weeks, the RCP began publishing a bilingual, biweekly newspaper, Partisan, and has been distributing it in major cities in Ontario and Québec, and has also started organizing workers in the Revolutionary Workers Movement (Mouvement Ouvrier Révolutionnaire, MRO). Its struggle against capitalism and exploitation is taking new forms and is moving forward, and the police, we can assume, are not fond of that.

Investigators also said they had started monitoring Maison Norman Bethune —a bookstore run by the Information Bureau of the RCP— the day after the May First demonstration. Many activists frequent the bookstore, attending events and getting involved in the cause of revolution. It seems as though the police wanted to “go on a fishing expedition” to find somebody guilty of something so they could draw attention away from their own petty and provocative behavior at the May First Demonstration.

Further, information collected by the RCP Information Bureau suggests the police who carried out these arrests tried to implicate the RCP, and Patrice Legendre in particular, in three previous incidents, including one that happened a year ago in Trois-Rivières, where an explosive device shattered the doors of a recruitment office for the Canadian Forces. A group calling itself “Résistance Internationaliste” claimed responsibility for this act and since it happened the police have not solved the case.

Curiously, the day after the arrests in Montréal, the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team installed a command post for three days in Trois-Rivières across from the recruiting office in order, they said, “to collect new information and validate some leads described as ‘very serious’.” The police then presented pictures of the four arrested activists to the people of Trois-Rivières, hoping somebody could implicate them in one way or another.

The operation on June 29th was no accident. It comes at a time when the bourgeois state in Canada is on the offensive in criminalizing political struggle and the activists who are involved in it. We need only look at the G20 summit in June 2010 in Toronto, where over a thousand people were illegally arrested, to verify this. In recent years, dozens of activists, among them some from the RCP, have been harassed at home and work by the infamous “Integrated National Security Enforcement Team.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party harshly condemns this cowardly operation, which was politically motivated. It is doomed to failure and will backfire on those who planned it. The RCP is actively campaigning to denounce the arrests and obtain full and unconditional release of those arrested. We thank the many individuals and groups who have already expressed their outrage and solidarity following the June 29th arrests.

Denounce political intimidation! Defend our right to fight against the bourgeoisie and its state! Solidarity is our weapon!

The RCP Information Bureau

update: 2011/04/29

Internationalist Statement
for May Day 2011

Nine Maoist parties and organizations including the RCP (Canada) issued this joint statement for May Day, International Workers Day 2011:

> English version.

> Version française.

> Versión en español.

> Versione italiana.

update: 2011/04/24

May 1st, Into the Streets!

May 1st, International Workers’ Day, commemorates the 1886 Haymarket Square massacre in Chicago, when police attacked the strikers who were fighting for the eight-hour day. Now, 125 years later, May 1st is a time for celebrating our victories and demonstrating our willingness to fight with our brothers and sisters around the world against a system that brings no more than misery, oppression and exploitation.

This year, May 1st will take place in a context where capitalism has gone through one of its worst crises, which has claimed thousands of victims in Canada and millions worldwide. The bourgeoisie and their politicians now say the crisis is over and capitalism has indeed recovered. But the only thing that is growing right now is the exploitation of workers and oppressed peoples. This, along with the increasing of profits for the capitalists. That the economic elites say there has been a “recovery,” shows how ignorant they are of the continuing burden of oppression on our backs.

But this May 1st will also happen in a context where all is not well for the capitalists. The inter-imperialist contradictions are growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the major imperialist powers to make their interests prevail. Worse for them is the fact that resistance and the desire for revolution are heard more and more strongly in the streets, as we have seen since the beginning of the year in North Africa and the Middle East. The hope expressed by the millions of oppressed people who dare to rebel against the political and economic elites is also ours!

In Canada, May 1st will take place on the eve of another meaningless election. Let’s take this opportunity to loudly express our rejection of the bourgeoisie and its unjust system! Supporters of the RCP will be in the streets all day with their slogans and their red flags, to express this desire for a new world without exploitation and oppression. Join us in the streets on May 1st!

> Toronto

> Kingston

> Ottawa

> Montréal

> Québec City

update: 2011/04/15

A New Wave of Unity
Among Revolutionary Communists

It is with great pride and a deep sense of responsibility in front of the Canadian proletariat and the international communist movement that we announce the rallying of the Social Revolution Party (SRP) to the Parti communiste révolutionnaire - Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada).

The Social Revolution Party, which aimed to bring attention to the need for a true social revolution to abolish the exploitation of working and oppressed peoples, eagerly welcomes the buildup of revolutionary forces and mass movements across eastern Canada, and hopes that 2011, the year of another meaningless election, will herald even greater returns for the communist movement.


update: 2011/04/02

Let’s Sustain the People’s War in India

Let’s Sustain the People’s War in India

In India the people’s war is intensifying day by day. Led by Communist Party of India (Maoist) it involves and has the support of millions of poor farmers, women, masses of untouchables, and now controls about ten States of the Confederation of India. That’s a people’s war against poverty, feudal capitalistic exploitation, in the regions where most acute are the contradictions produced by the turbulent development of plundering resources, caste oppression and exploitation, by the Indian capital linked to imperialism.


–> Supported by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

April 8: Montréal event at the Maison Norman Bethune.

update: 2011/04/01

Let’s Boycott the Elections!

Vote With Your Feet! No Democracy Without People’s Power!
Let’s Boycott the Elections

Canadian federal elections will take place May 2. As soon as the announcement came, each of the four big parties – Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois – began their campaign to “seduce” all the voters. We are proposing a radically different “electoral” campaign: we call on all those left out of the parliamentary charade, whether they be exploited workers and students, single mothers, migrants or indigenous peoples across Canada, to participate to the 2011 Boycott Elections Campaign.
–> Supported by the Revolutionary Communist Party.


update: 2011/03/29

Canada and NATO, Out of Libya!
Down With Imperialist Aggression!

No doubt must subsist: this March’s NATO military deployment in Libya, approved by the UN—in which Canada is involved—does not have any legitimacy based on humanitarian objectives. It does not aim to spare Libyan bloodshed, to protect the people from a mad tyrant’s vindication; it cannot contribute to the emancipation of the country’s oppressed masses. In the contrary, this operation is an imperialist aggression revealing the fact that imperialist powers, whom have for years held Arab countries as puppets, intend to maintain their position in the midst of recent and ongoing turmoil. This aggression must be denounced as such and fought by all progressive forces, especially for revolutionaries.


update: 2011/03/17

Words that convey no illusion:
Boycott the Elections!

In politics, the language of the bourgeoisie is now an old language, petrified, that doesn’t have meaning anymore and that fewer and fewer workers listen to with respect and submission. The proletariat needs more than ever to speak and act by itself. Today, it is sickened to vote for the bourgeoisie’s “single party.”


update: 2011/02/11

Enthusiastic activists at the
2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) gathered dedicated activists last December 11th, in Toronto, for the second Canadian Revolutionary Congress.

Supporters of the RCP invited the participants of this meeting to debate and establish some common revolutionary perspectives, for the purpose of unifying and mobilizing across the country in the coming year. This second congress took place in a comradely and enthusiastic atmosphere, gathering participants from Toronto and the GTA, from Ottawa, and from several regions of Quebec. Although concentrated in Ontario, it was nevertheless a significant breakthrough in organizing the revolutionary forces in Canada. In addition to unorganized individuals and members of the RCP, activists from far-left organizations attended the meeting, including supporters of the Revolutionary Initiative, and several activists of the Social Revolution Party, based in Ottawa.

>

update: 2010/11/28

2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress

The following call is an invitation to all revolutionaries, activists, proletarians and all collectives or groups of the extreme-left in Canada who aspire to build a genuine proletarian movement. A movement that will oppose the bourgeoisie, the capitalists and their power; a movement that will push forward the class struggle on completely new foundations. It is an invitation to debate and discuss the proposals contained in this declaration and establish some common perspectives for the purpose of unifying and mobilizing in Canada in the coming year. The call, initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada), will be discussed at the Canadian Revolutionary Congress to be held in Toronto on December 11th. All those interested in participating can register by writing to .

> Read more....

> Version française.

> Versión en español.

update: 2010/07/31

Legitimate Revolt Is Not a “Conspiracy”

– Some comments by an RCP militant

In the tumult of events surrounding the G20 Summit, a certain segment of what is generally referred to as the “far left” found itself denouncing the Black Blocs and other masked militants who carried out apparently illegal acts. Some went so far as to claim that the various actions against the bourgeoisie and its state were carried out by agent provocateurs, even that they were planned by the police itself. One could read this kind of analysis from the pen of Trotskyist authors. The leader of the “Communist Party of Canada,” Miguel Figueroa, took his stand against the Black Block, too, calling for a public denunciation of “anarchists.”


update: 2009/12/05


A New Maoist Bookstore in Montreal
website *** map

The Political Information Bureau is announcing the opening of the Maison Norman Bethune - unique in Canada, aiming to be both an information center and an organizing space to support the struggle for socialism and world revolution.

This project is especially important in the current situation, where capitalism is going through one of its worst crises and where more and more people are expressing renewed interest in struggling for a system based on the interests of the majority and workers' power.

Located in the heart of Montreal's Centre-Sud neighborhood, the Maison Norman Bethune will make a variety of documents available to those interested: the classic works of Marx, Lenin and Mao, works on revolutionary history, publications from contemporary revolutionary organizations such as the Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada), books and texts about current events and socialism, and in all languages... In short, the Maison Norman Bethune aims to distribute all that can serve the revolution.

The Maison Norman Bethune also intends to be a space open to workers and revolutionary and anticapitalist activists who hunger for knowledge and wish to organize themselves to not simply stir up new hope for communism and revolution, but a concrete and immediate project to make them a reality. It is also the place to contact the Political Information Bureau and to learn about the positions and activities of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

For the moment, the Maison Norman Bethune is open Wednesday to Saturday (see below). Over the coming weeks, the team which runs it will work to expand and improve the collection of books and publications available. Regular activities (speakers, video nights, etc.) will also be organized, and a schedule will soon be announced.

The opening of the Maison Norman Bethune itself represents an important victory in the struggle against the propaganda the bourgeoisie and the unitary vision that its acolytes have been trying to brainwash us with for so long now. It is up to us and us alone, workers and militants who wish to bring forward the liberatory voice of communism and to develop revolutionary action which will put an end to the capitalist system whose time is up, to make this a lively space and a tool in the service of the struggle of the proletariat and the oppressed masses in this country.

The Political Information Bureau calls on all revolutionary, progressive, and anti-imperialist militants to support the Maison Norman Bethune. You have books to give us? You know someone, an activist or former activist, who still has some ''hidden treasures''? You want to contribute financially to this project or to offer a bit of time to help out? Let us know, and a militant from the Political Information Bureau will contact you right away to follow up on your proposal.

And most importantly, come and drop by the Maison Norman Bethune, and spread the word!

The Political Information Bureau

Maison Norman Bethune
Bookstore & Political Information Bureau

1918, rue Frontenac
Montreal (Qc) H2K 2Z1
(across the street from Frontenac metro)
514 563-1487

Opening Hours:
Wednesday: 12:30 - 6pm
Thursday: 12:30 - 9pm
Friday: 12:30 - 9pm
Saturday: 10:00 - 5pm

[Translation courtesy of Sketchy Thoughts.]

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